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Blimpie Marketing Resources
Creative Online
Editable and ready-to-print files that can be downloaded and taken to a local printer (coupons, banners, catering documents, door hangers, flyers, menus, etc.)

 Role (select “Franchisee” from drop down menu)
 User Name - Blimpie
 Password – Subs
Local Store Marketing Manual, National promo rollout guides, coop media plans, social media manuals, Yelp reputation management, NFAC contacts, operations documents and forms
 Enter Brand, First Name, Last Name & Store Number
 Password - blimpiebest
Blimpie Print Ordering
Includes core items already produced and ready to ship at a discounted price. (B.I.P. frequency cards (free), counter cards/clings, catering and to-go menus, promotional flyers, bag stuffers, etc. & Print On Demand items)
Simply visit the site and create a profile to start ordering. If you have any trouble setting up an account, please call 877.895.4411
Blimpie Banners
Order a variety of banners, choose your size, hanging needs and have it shipped to your store
 Username: franchisee
 Password: premiums
Can’t find what you need? Ask your Marketing Manager: Andrea Price - aprice@kahalamgmt.com - 480-362-4911
Creative Services can design anything custom for your store at no cost.
*Please allow 10 business days for an initial proof*